Unable to connect to Oracle Discoverer Plus

 Product(s):EXOR product placeholder


When trying to connect to Discoverer Plus I get the below error message: Unable to connect to the Discoverer server: null Please contact your Oracle Application Server administrator. 


This issue can be caused:

1. due to a mismatch between the jar file being used against the version of java installed on the machine. E.g. Your Discoverer Plus URL is designed for Java version 1.7 but you are using Java 1.6 on your machine.Find out what version is your Discoverer Plus URL is designed for and make sure you have the right version on your machine.

2. clear the temporary internet files and cookies and java cache and let me know how it goes. Steps to clear java cache are:
a. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click the Java icon.
b. Click on 'Settings'
c. Delete files
d. Close all browsers
f. Open new browser and test it

3. this occurs when multiple sessions of Discoverer Plus were started from the same browser window, or when Discoverer Plus is launched from a shortcut on the desktop. PC restart should help.

 Original Author:Kristijonas Nalivaika