Change Mapviewer Host in Information Manager 4 and Worktrays

 Product(s):Exor Information Manager

How to change the MapViewer host details in IM4 applications, for example if the MapViewer server changes.

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 Information Manager 

  1. Go into Highways and open the Product Options form (Launchpad / Exor / Reference Data / Product Options form HIG9130)
  2. Query back Product Options with Product IM and check the map related options, especially



Option 2 Work Order and Enquiries Worktrays

  1. Log onto application builder.  The URL for this is the same as your Apex application, but using page 4500 instead, e.g. changes to  You will be prompted to enter:

    • Workspace - IM4
    • Username - ADMIN
    • Password - non-standard.  This should be known locally 
  2. Select the Worktray application you want to work on.

  3. Select Shared Components.

  4. Select Definition.
  5. Select Substitutions and update the value for MAPVIEWER_HOST and FRAMEWORK_DIR if required.
  6. Press Apply Changes and re-test the application.

 Original Author:Sarah Williams