Unable to view data in ASIP Pods

 Product(s):Exor Information Manager


Three different permit related PODs to my home TAB have been added:

IM_ASIP_7_01_P_TOP, IM_ASIP_7_02_PV_TOP and IM_ASIP_7_04_PC.

However, when the Information Manager screen is loaded and those PODs have initialized, they don't show any information.


There are a number of steps to take in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure the user in question has the required User Street Group/s assigned.  This can be found under the following location within the application TMA->Reference Data->Administration->User Street Groups.
  2. Once complete, the following process needs to be submitted in order to refresh the TMA User Street view - TMA LA Layer Refresh. 
  3. The process can be submitted through the form 'Submit a Process' (Exor->Processes, via the Launchpad).

NOTE: This process must be submitted outside of normal office hours.

Once the process has run, the view is refreshed and information should be seen within the PODS.

 Original Author:Fezan Khan