Inspection Date less on loading RDI files

 Product(s):Exor Maintenance Manager


  On loading RDI inspection files (MAI4400 form) into the system the error message (ORA-20000: MAI-9500:Error :Inspection Date less then) is appearing and the particular inspection has not been loaded into the system. If you open MAI4405 form and search there that RDI file you will find that inspection being listed as ‘invalid’ (on MAI4405 Invalid Inspections tab).


  On loading inspections using Maintenance Inspection Loader an additional checking is performed comparing to MAI3808 ( Inspections form when a user can create an inspection manually).  If an user tries to load an inspection which has the same Initiation Type, the same inspection Activity and the same inspection Safety/Detailed attribute and that inspection_date is earlier than the inspection_date of inspection which has been already created/loaded into Exor then the error message (ORA-20000: MAI-9500: Error : Inspection Date less than previously….) is being displayed and that inspection has not been loaded into Exor and it does not matter what defect data is about. There is only inspection details/attributes checked on Maintenance Inspection Loader.

  An user has a possibility to create an inspection which has not been loaded using Maintenance Inspection Loader by using MAI3808 form.

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