Inspection Loader 'could not read file content'

 Product(s):Exor Maintenance Manager
 Area:Loaders - Inspection

Problem Description

When I try to load Inspection files using the Maintenance Manager Inspection loader it fails with

“File(s) Could Not Be Submitted”. Submission Error
Text: “Could not read file content”.

No process is visible in Process Monitor. The file is not transferred into directory on the database.


Transfer to and from the database is disabled in the webutil.cfg configuration file on the Application server.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Find the webutil.cfg file on the application server.  (The default path is <oracle middleware home>\FormsComponent\<oracle_home>forms\server).
  2. Open the file in a text editor and change the following properties to the values below  (true/false values in UPPER CASE):

        3. Restart the application server after you have made these changes.

 Original Author:Sarah Williams