District details do not update when OD file is loaded

 Product(s):Exor Street Gazetteer Manager


When loading a new OD (Organisation District) XML file for an organisation, the district details do not change even if the data in the file is different to what is already loaded.  No errors appear in the Import form to suggest anything went wrong.


The usual reason for this is that the FTP tags are missing from the XML. Even though FTP is no longer used for transferring notices, the tags are still mandatory at the moment.  The two tags are

It's best to go back to the provider of the file rather than editing the details yourself.  If it's absolutely urgent to load the file quickly to avoid fines, these two lines can be added between the district function and district notifications URL tags for each district:




N.B. Editing the file manually should only ever be done as a temporary measure to tide you over until a corrected file is received from the file supplier.

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