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 Please advise on product options and directory setting for a database clone.


Not a definitive list below as depends on apps installed and how clone done etc.
Generally our Professional Services Team can advise and do clones. If you would like them to assist ( would come at a cost ) let us know.
Suggest start point is

Check Product Options and User options and Oracle Directories , Process Monitor + ftp etc from within the application.

Product options generally looked at

User Options


If any SWR,TMA or NSG ones clear out so no conflict

Check ALL Oracle Directories from within the application eg CIM_ARC,CIM_DIR,MAI_INSP_DIRECTORY, NSG,TMA ones etc change where using or clear out
Any ftp usenanme passwords directories so no conflict sending data out/receiving data in
Possibly new Oracle Dad, Possibly New exor listener bat file if used.
Ensure no conflicts with any processes in Process Monitor.

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