"HIG 0182: User not instantiated correctly. Probable missing INSTANTIATE_USER trigger. Contact exor

 Applies To 
 Product(s):Exor Core / Network / Assets Manager/Enquiry Manager
 Version(s):Any v4 onwards
 Environment: N/A
 Area: N/A
 Subarea: N/A
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group



 A new user is created but when they try to login they get
  HIG-0182 user not instantiated correctly.


Firstly check the user has the HIG_USER role - this is mandatory for all users whatever access you want them to have.
Secondly, log into SQL*Plus as the Highways owner user and run the following SQL, replacing 'USER' with the username of the new user, in capitals and enclosed in single quotes:

SQL> exec nm3context.create_instantiate_user_trig('USER');
If that doesn't work either then contact Support.
Problem 56394

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