How to set up a Document location with Oracle Directory type.

 Product(s):Exor Document Manager
 Version(s):4.3 - 4.5
 Area:Document Locations

If you decided to set up file storage using Oracle Directory type you need to create a directory, a Oracle reference to this directory and a Document Location of this directory.


1 Create the directory on your Data base server. Make sure that oracle OS user has full access to it (read and write access).

2. Create the directory in Exor.

a. Open Directories (HIG1895) form and create an Oracle directory using Directory path from step 1 as value for “File system Path”

b. save changes and press + button.

c. in Roles tab add role with Normal mode and save changes.

d. go to Java Role Privs tab and select all Java permissions for role added in step c as shown below.

3 in Document location (DOC0118) form create a Location by providing values of Name, Media Type fields and selecting ORACLE_DIRECTORY as Location type. Select the directory created in step 2 from Oracle Directories list which opens after pressing list button at right of this field. Save changes.

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