How To Find Out Which Fixes Are Installed

 Product(s):Exor Network Manager

At times it may be necessary to look up what fixes have been installed on your Highways by Exor system.  This article describes how to find out.


Every time a fix is applied to your Exor system, a record of it is stored in the database.  Sometimes Support may need this information, or you may need it for your own purposes, for example to check if a fix is installed before applying another that depends upon it.

Steps to Accomplish

1. In the Highways by Exor application favourites menu, select Exor, Security, Upgrades
 2. Either double click Upgrades, or highlight it and click the running man to start the Upgrades form. 

3. To filter by Product, From Version or To Version, simply click the down arrow next to the relevant <<No Filter>> field and choose the option you want to filter by. This can be undone by repeating the process and choosing <<No Filter>> again.

4. To change the sort order, click the button containing the title of the column you want to sort by. This will sort the data by that column, in ascending order. To sort in descending order, simply click the column title again. You can see which column the results are sorted by as a little arrow will appear next to the column title indicating the direction of the sort:

See Also

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 Original Author:Sarah Williams