Process Framework Manager - Default Installed Processes

 Product(s):Exor Network Manager
 Area:Process Framework Manager

Alert Manager – runs alerts created in the exor database and sends out batch mails etc. to defined groups of users. 

Core Housekeeping – clears down a temporary table, HIG_ROUTER_PARAMS, populated when forms are used.  Clears down the table daily.

Group of Groups Theme Refresh – When a theme is created, you can defer immediate changes to the theme using a configuration flag.  Running this procedure will update all Group of Groups themes with the Update on Edit flag set to ‘D’ or ‘Deferred’. 

Load Document Bundles – Used by Document Manager (Not Installed at BCMOTI) to automatically load document files into the Exor database.  The code executed can be found in the package DOC_BUNDLE_LOADER. 

Refresh Auto-generated Passwords – refreshes system generated passwords. 

Route Materialized View Refresh – updates and runs statistics on materialized views. This process maintains materialized view, V_OBJ_ON_ROUTE.  It is a snapshot table for all assets on a section. It also maintains V_GEOM_ON_ROUTE, a snapshot of all geometries of the road_sections layer.  These processes are used by Bentley Mapcapture.  


 Original Author:Jon Libby