Setting the file name character replacement technique in eB

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Setting the file name character replacement technique in eB

Background :

There are few restricted illegal characters which are not supported by Microsoft and the web standards. But this can be controlled in eB at the community level under eB web by making the changes in the settings.

InvalidFilenameCharacters(List of reserved or illegal characters that may not be used in a filename.)


"TranslateInvalidFilenameCharacters" setting will automatically replaces reserved characters in file names with an underscore.

Fundamentally eB doesn’t care about the filename characters but obviously individual applications do.  For this reason eB disallows certain characters by default.  This can be controlled at the community level by the  ‘InvalidFilenameCharacters’ setting.


Any of these characters exist in the filename eB will then either throw an exception or translate those characters to an ‘_’. This choice is controlled by another community setting called TranslateInvalidFilenameCharacters.


Steps to accomplish


  1. Log on to eB web
  2. Click on Show System reports
  3. Click on System preferences under system drop down arrow
  4. Open the General drop down arrow
  5. Select the settings  "TranslateInvalidfilenamecharacters"accordingly



Therefore to allow all characters simply set ‘InvalidFilenameCharacters’ to 0.  If you want eB to do the translation then set ‘TranslateInvalidFilenameCharacters’ to 1.

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