Modifying field properties: gINT crashes if Field Properties dialog loses focus

 Applies To 
 Product(s):gINT Logs, gINT Professional, gINT Professional Plus
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Data Entry
 Subarea: N/A
 Original Author:Kathleen Holcomb, Bentley Technical Support Group








Error Message

gINT is crashing each time the "Field Properties" window loses focus with this message:

Run-time error '0'


To produce:

  1. In Input, right click on a field
  2. Select "Field Properties...:
  3. Change either the colour or the lookup filter (other fields may also cause the behaviour)
  4. Click on another program or click on a secondary monitor
  5. Try to click back on the "Field Properties" window

The field properties window has disappeared behind the gINT program. It can't be moved, minimized or resized to get at it nor can Alt+Tab be used to access the window.

Clicking on "show desktop" or entering the key board short cut "Win+D" and then clicking on gINT in the task bar will return to the "Field properties" dialog, but gINT then crashes with the error message above.

How to Avoid

This problem has been fixed in gINT version 

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