Create a Variable Text Legend on a Log Report

 Product(s):gINT Professional, gINT Logs

How to create a text only legend on report to describe terms used and have it be variable to the particular output.


There are cases where a user would like to display a legend of Abbreviations used on a report and have it be variable to the particular point you are outputting. This is similar to a variable graphic legend entity, but used for text only items. In this example we will use Sample Types, but this can be used for tests or any other type of text displayed where it comes from a lookup table.

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 Use A Variable Text Legend Function In the Header or Footer of a log report.

  2. Pick the report you want to edit from the yellow dropdown at the top.

  3. In the footer of the report create a Text entity.
  4. Use Variable Text Legend Function On the field in the Table you pick from in INPUT that references the lookup.
  5. In this example to show Sample Types the Table is SAMPLE and the Field is TYPE.

Sample Type

The output will look like this. The first line is just the text label

Option 2 Use A Component Legend Function In Header or Footer of a Log Report

  1. Details can be found in HELP ...Index...ComponentLegend. This topic will be covered in a separate WIKI

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