An improved version of Change Text Case - Rev 2

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Original Article Date: Sep 26, 2005

Here's an enhancement of an enhancement of Bentley's Change Text Case from Daniel Rowlands who was at Scott Wilson Railways Ltd. in his former life. In this version you'll find an extra option to just capitalise the first word. With manyt thanks to Karsten Evans for contributing this version.

Download and extract prjchangecase_2.mvba from the zip file.
Place the mvba in the folder pointed to by MS_VBASEARCHDIRECTORIES.
Keyin vba load prjchangecase_2 to load the project, or...
Configure MS_VBAAUTOLOADPROJECTS to automatically load the mvba project upon startup.
Keyin vba run ChangeCase_Start to run the macro, or....
Place the keyin on a function key or custom button for quick and easy access.

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