Clipped references and rotated views

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Original Article Date: Oct 3, 2003 

This brief article discusses how to overcome V7 difficulties with clipped or masked references and rotating views.
2004-09-16 Updated for clarity.

In MicroStation /J, the clip boundary or clip mask boundary of a reference file is view independent meaning that if the view is rotated the clip/mask boundary stays in it's orignal orientation. The image below shows this quite nicely.

To overcome this all you got to do is use this keyin and identify the reference file:

reference clip rotate on|off|toggle

Note, this command only works on 2D files. (With thanks to Andrew Bratcher for pointing this out.)

Note for V8 users:
In MicroStation V8 the clip and mask boundaries of a reference are view dependent. This means that there is no need for the above keyin since the boundaries will be honoured on a view that's rotated.

On the other hand, if you were to save a V8 file back down to V7, it would not inherit the view dependent feature and you will therefore have to invoke the keyin noted above inorder to rotate the clip/mask boundaries with your view.

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