Changes to the DI keyin

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In MicroStation V8i, the Point Distance keyin (DI=Distance, Angle) keyin recognizes the direction of north while previous versions did not.  Take the following example.

From the General/Examples workspace, open Import-Export.dgn and navigate to the 2D Site Data model.  Review the True North Direction, or degrees from the X axis, by  looking at the Solar Position tab of the Light Manager and note that it's set to -40.0 as shown:

Choose the Place Line tool, enter a datapoint anywhere and then keyin DI=85,30 followed by a reset to complete.  The resulting line is similar in orientation to the red one shown in the graphic below.

If the same file is opened in a previous version of MicroStation, the line would be drawn with the following orientation:


Changes to the DI= keyin

With thanks to Bentley's Tim Hickman for this tidbit.