MicroStation's accelerator keys AKA keyboard shortcuts

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Original Article Date:  April 2001

Updated:  December 2010

Was it CTRL+B or CTRL+VA to get to the View Attributes dialog? And what was that handy one for Redo?

Here's a list with all the accelerator keys to hang on your wall!




MicroStation's ShortCut Keys

Accelerator Key

Menu Item


Ctrl + N

File > New

Opens the Create Design File dialog

Ctrl + O

File > Open

Opens the Open Design File dialog

Ctrl + W

File > Close

Closes the active design file and takes you back to the MicroStation Manager

Ctrl + S

File > Save

Saves changes made to the file

Ctrl + F

File > Save Settings

Saves your current settings

Ctrl + P

File > Print

Opens the Plot dialog

Ctrl + Z

Edit > Undo

Negates the last graphic operation

Ctrl + R

Edit > Redo

Cancels the last undo

Ctrl + X

Edit > Cut

Places the current selection set onto the system clipboard

Ctrl + C

Edit > Copy

Copies the current selection set onto the system clipboard

Ctrl + V

Edit > Paste

Pastes the contents of the clipboard into the file

Ctrl + G

Edit > Group

Creates a group from the current selection set

Ctrl + U

Edit > Ungroup

Drops a selected group

Ctrl + L

Edit > Lock

Locks the element to prevent it from being manipulated

Ctrl + M

Edit > Unlock

Unlocks a previously locked element

Ctrl + I

Element > Information

After selecting an element, the Element Information dialog will appear

Ctrl + E

Settings > Level > Display

Activates the View Levels dialog

Ctrl + B

Settings > View Attributes

Opens the View Attributes dialog

Ctrl + T

Tools > Tool Boxes

Opens the Tool Boxes dialog

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