Line Spacing - At Least

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Original Tip Date: May 2003

Updated:  February 2011

MicroStation V8 - The At Least line spacing setting is similar to AutoCAD's in that the distance between adjacent lines of text is calculated as a factor of the text height.  In this case, the distance to the next line is calculated as: 1/3 of the maximum height of a character + 1/3 of the node number height + the lowest point of the text * Line Spacing.


The number used in the  Line Spacing field is a factor of the text height and not a value.

In a metric file, the numerical value of the Line Spacing in the Element Information dialog will display the same value as the Line Spacing in the Tool Settings dialog.

In an imperial file, the value in the Line Spacing in the Element Information dialog will be displayed in meters.    For example, the text height is set to 10 feet, the line spacing is set to 0.5 of the text height which is 5 feet.  In the Element Information dialog, this is converted to  5  /  3.048  =  1.6404 meters.

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