Easily produce high quality and economical designs for all your structural projects using various concrete, steel, and joist building materials. Design, analyze, and create documentation with ease for your building projects, saving time and money.

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RAM Concept

Concrete slab and foundation design


Learn to easily design complex floor geometries and incorporate changes with ease using powerful task automation and clearly organized output.

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RAM Connection

Steel connection design


Learn to analyze and design any connection type and verify your connections in seconds, all with comprehensive calculations, including seismic compliance.

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RAM Elements

Structural design


Learn to perform analysis and design, including 3D finite element analysis, of almost any type of structure or structural component.

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RAM Learning Paths

Provides full step-by-step training through an established learning path.

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RAM Concept is the ultimate structural designer’s solution for post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced slabs, mats, and rafts.

RAM Concept

For analysis and design of almost any type of structure or structural component complete with sophisticated design tools to help you with your everyday analysis and design needs.

RAM Elements

RAM Concrete is fully integrated concrete analysis, design, and drafting software for structural engineers.

RAM Concrete

RAM Steel is versatile special-purpose software to analyze and design steel building structures, including commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial buildings.

RAM Steel

RAM Foundation is an integrated module within the RAM Structural System that performs the design, evaluation, and analysis of spread, continuous, and pile-cap foundations.

RAM Foundation

RAM Frame is a three-dimensional static and dynamic analysis and design program for designers, and structural and civil engineers.

RAM Frame

RAM Structural System is an integrated three-dimensional static and dynamic structural analysis and design solution for concrete and steel buildings.

RAM Structural System

RAM Connection can be used stand alone or fully integrated with RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, and STAAD.Pro for steel connection design.

RAM Connection

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