Important Links Wiki (FAQs)

SNProcess NameRemarksLink
1Find my Account AdministratorHow do I find my Account's Administrator?Click Here
2Managing Account AdminChanging/ Adding Account AdminClick Here
3User ManagementUnderstanding the User Management process & detailsClick Here
4Managing UsersHow to add/remove your Trainees/Users/Employees to your Account?Click Here
5User’s Entitlement Country ChangeHow to change User’s Entitlement Country?Click Here
6User’s Role ManagementHow to change assign/remove roles such as Co-Administrator, Group Admin, Software Download Access etc.?Click Here
7Managing GroupsHow to add/remove your Trainees/Users/Employees to/from Groups?Click Here
8User Registration
(Self Registration)
How to register for a Bentley Account?Click Here
9Password ManagementHow to reset the password for your account?Click Here
10Entitlement ManagementUnderstanding the Entitlement Management process & detailsClick Here
11Application EntitlementHow to grant software access to Trainees/Users/Employees/Groups?Click Here
12Software DownloadHow to download software?Click Here
13Product Activation Process
(Refer: Option 1 only)
How to activate the product?Click Here
14CONNECTION Client DownloadTo activate products – CONNECTION Client is requiredClick Here
15Subscription Entitlement Service
(formerly CONNECT Licensing)

Common Link – Explains everything including User Management, Entitlement Management, Product Activation Process etc.

Click Here
16Certificate Download

How to download certificates?

Click Here