ContextCapture provides real-world digital context to projects to address infrastructure challenges and make informed decisions. Generate, edit, and share engineering-ready 3D reality meshes from images and/or point-cloud data.

Role-Based Onboarding Experience

Drainage Engineer – Reality Data Consumption


Learn how to consume your reality meshes and data within a CAD environment and some basic modelling concepts and interpretation techniques.

Application/Software Used

Training Courses (YouTube Videos)

Surveyor/Drone Pilot – Reality Data Capture


Learn best practices for capturing reality data for use within ContextCapture.

Application/Software Used

Training Courses (Communities)

Training Course (YouTube Video)

Surveyor/Photogrammetrist – Reality Data Processing


Learn to use the ContextCapture system to process and manage reality data.

Application/Software Used

Training Courses (LEARNserver)

Training Courses (YouTube Videos)

Training Courses (Communities)

ContextCapture Learning Path

ContextCapture Learning Path (Quick Start)

Training Course

Accelerate with Reality Modeling Learning Path

Accelerate with Reality Modeling Learning Path

Training Courses

Training Videos

ContextCapture CONNECT Edition Tutorial (49 videos)

ContextCapture CONNECT Edition

Reality Modeling Cloud Services (15 videos)

Reality Modeling Cloud Services

Orbit 3DM (3 videos)

Orbit 3DM

ContextCapture Product Overview

Bentley ContextCapture

ContextCapture Product Datasheet

ContextCapture Product Data

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