How to setup a security group that can create projects and edit the data


You may need to edit the default settings for security groups to allow a user to create projects but also add/edit data in the project. By default the roles are separated over 2 groups.

To clarify, this process will apply the roles to the system level security roles, therefore this will apply to all projects within the system.


So first of all, you have two types of group, a system level group and a none system level group. OpenGround includes 2 Project level groups by default for which 1 is a system level group and the other is not.

Project Manager Group is not a system level group

Project Creator Group is a system level group.

Now, to have the role "Create Project" available the group has to be a system level group as shown below:

You can view this yourself by logging in to OpenGround as an Administrator and going to System>Users>Groups.

Now, because the "Project Manager Group" isn't system level the users assigned to that role won't be able to create projects, but instead just edit or delete them.

With all this in mind please follow the steps below:

Go to System>Users>Groups and "Assign Roles" for the "Project Creator Group"

You will see it already has the "Create Project" role

Move over the roles you want to include for the user.

Once you're happy, save the changes.

Now go to System>Users Manage Users

Select the user and then "Edit User"

Make sure the "Default Security Group" is set to "Empty"

Then save the changes.

Select "System Access" from the ribbon.

Then assign the "Project Creator Group" to the users that need it.

Following this the user can login with their own account and create projects along with the other roles assigned.

For further information, the recommended page from the user guide is recommended reading;