How to edit the Transfer Mapping should you need to map a field.

If you find a field is not mapped for AGS/CSV you can map it yourself following the steps below:

First of all you will need to export the mapping you want to edit. This will either be an import mapping or an export mapping.  

Open Professional, go to configuration packs and select the pack.

Select "Transfer Mapping" and then export the mapping you wish to edit. On export you need to select the File format and Mapping Name to export as there are multiple options.

Once you have exported the file, it will be an .xml file. Edit this using Notepad ++ or other text editor.

Browse or search for the table you want to add the mapping to.

Create a new row in the table and copy down the row above.

Then in that copied row, edit the Destination and Source to be the field you want to map and the column it maps to.

Save the changes and then go back to Transfer Mapping and import the file. Again you will be asked to select the file format and this time add a name. Make sure you add the name exactly as it was when you exported it.

Following this the field that had the missing mapping should now be mapped.


For more information, please see the full Import Mapping documentation here.