Trigger Sets, Grid Views and Report Grids

When working with data grids it is helpful to highlight or visually categorise key values. Therefore, application of trigger sets allows this data to be marked against value ranges. The implications of categorisation of contamination data in this way are obvious but could equally apply to other data which is helpful to organise in according to a range of values (as might be the case for SPT results, for example).

The example and working through in this section of the guide will document the usage and creation of trigger sets within a project. However, trigger sets can be set up within a configuration pack and then applied to multiple projects. For more information on configuration packs, see the Configuration Packs section of this guide.


 Creating Trigger Sets
 Trigger Set Levels Setup
 Trigger Set Setup
 Trigger Themes
 Using Trigger Sets within a Project
 Report Grids
 Grid Views