Adding New Tables

OpenGround Cloud Professional comes with a great number of tables and fields that should meet the demand of the majority of users. However, further tables and fields may need to be added to allow for further data to be entered when needed.

To add a new table to an existing table, firstly open the project that needs editing and select the Model Structure option from the Configuration Menu.

The Manage Model window will then appear listing all of the available tables and in particular this project. Select the Add Group option to add a new table.

The Add Group window will then appear allowing for the definition of the new table to be added. Enter the values for the new table as needed. Select the save button to add the new table. If any of the values do not match the required validation then the program will state so allowing for the values to be amended.

The Project Explorer Folder option allows the user to select where within the project explorer the new table appears. In the example below it will appear under the Summary folder.

The Parent Group allows for selection of which currently added table the new table will sit under. In the example below this is the Location Details table.

The window will then refresh allowing for the fields within the table to be added.

Note that the key fields that will be used from the parent group will not need to be defined again as they will automatically be imported.

Select the Add Header option to begin adding new fields. For further information on adding new fields see the Adding New Fields section of this user guide.