Merging Project Picklists into a Configuration Pack

If a project has been customised to include a number of additional picklists (For example, further Geology Codes) then it may be useful to also add these extra items into other projects within the same configuration pack.

In the below example, there is an extra picklist item for the Legend Code field within Backfill details which is to be used in other projects within the configuration pack.

When the same item is added to the configuration pack, the following is displayed.

Select the 'Yes' option to import the picklist as defined at project level into the configuration pack. Select the 'No' option to add a separate item. Note that the same picklist will not be able to be stored within a project and a configuration pack (that the project belongs to) with separate definitions.

Note that any picklist items that are imported into a configuration pack from a project will lose the images associated to them. It may therefore be useful to ensure that a backup of these images are available prior to this process.