Picklist Set Validation and Caveats of Use

HBSI has in built validation to prevent picklists not existing within the set from being added via importing. There are also measures to restrict removal of picklist values where they exist in the project.

When data is being imported into the project it is important to understand that the file being imported must only contain picklists from the set the project belongs to. For example, if the file contains Location Type RC but that picklist value does not exist in the Projects picklist set you will receive a warning message during the import stage.

The message confirms that there is a matching picklist value already existing in the Configuration Pack but not in the set. Ideally this situation should be avoidable, as picklist set values would be agreed upon between client and contractors/consultants prior to commencement of works, therefore when AGS data is imported it will only contain valid Picklist Set values so data will import successfully. This facility acts as a warning to prevent unwanted picklist values that do not belong to the set from being added to the project.

There is a caveat for this example; If the Project Pack Options has the option to allow undefined picklists to be created it is possible to import an AGS/CSV file with a picklist that does not immediately exist within the configuration pack.

When imported the picklist will appear as a Project Picklist when viewed from the Manage Picklists dialog. (see below images)

Please note that they will not be a part of the Picklist Set unless the picklist is merged into the configuration pack.

Once merged the picklist value will now show in the set and is available for use in other projects created.

Finally, validation messages will be presented under the following scenarios: