Extension Graph Styles Creation

Extension Graph Styles is the option to create graph styles for use with the Excel Extension. Graph Styles can be used to associate a particular colour with a specific Geology type or Location ID, this allows all graphs produced with the Excel Extension to show the same colour when displaying either the Strata or Location.

The styles are created within a Configuration Pack, then you can apply them to a Picklist group or Locations. After the graph styles have been defined you can then source them via the Charts dialog within the Extension itself. The following guide covers the initial configuration, please consult the Excel Extension User Guide for details on how to apply the defined styles to a Chart Series.

Select the Configuration Pack you would like the styles to be defined in and choose the Graph Styles icon from the Configuration Tools menu.

A Graph Styles dialog window will be displayed, click Add to add a default style reading for editing.

Set a name for the style, this can be anything you wish but you may want to name it by what it will be referencing (i.e., Clay.)

Select a pattern from the drop-down menu for the line and its representative colour, do the same for the Marker. You can add multiples styles and when finished press Save. Below is an example of how the styles might look:

Once the styles have been set up, they will need to be assigned to a Picklist Group or Locations.

Assigning Styles to a Picklist Group

This can be done either within the Picklist Manager of the Project or set within the Configuration Pack itself, this example is shown from within the project. Frist select Manage Picklists from the Configuration menu.

Select a Picklist Group, in this example Geology Code and press Edit. The Picklist Group will display all the picklist values associated within it, if you scroll to the right you will see the column Graph Style.

The Value Column pane is frozen, so it is easy to see what style you are assigning to that item.

Press Save to commit the changes; the styles have now been defined to the picklist items.

Assigning Styles to Locations

This is done within the project itself so open the target project first and then select Location Styles from the Configuration Menu.

A new dialog will open that lists all the Locations within that project.

You can filter for the values you wish before selecting the defined styles from the drop-down window. In the example below, Location Type, CP, and TP have been filtered and the styles CP and TP have been created and selected.