- Functional Comparison of OpenCities Map products

Important Note:  Beginning with the CONNECT Edition,  OpenCities Map is now a standalone product and is not available as a layered application for MicroStation.  For further information, please refer to the question How can I upgrade from Bentley Map V8i to OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition? in the CONNECT Edition FAQ


The OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition product line includes the following:

OpenCities Map PowerView -  For users that primarily need to view and perform light 2D feature acquisition and editing. OpenCities Map PowerView can query from spatial databases.

OpenCities Map Advanced- Designed for users that need to create, edit, manage, and analyze spatial databases. OpenCities Map Advanced can query, edit and post to spatial databases.  The software can also perform long transactions with a two-tier connection to Oracle Spatial.

OpenCities Map Ultimate- Is designed for users that need all the functionality of OpenCities Map Advanced as well as the ability to execute advanced reality data processing with Bentley Descartes, and/or long transactions with a two-tier connection to Oracle Spatial.  Bentley Descartes  is included with OpenCities Map Ultimate. OpenCities Map Ultimate also supports full 3D editing.

ThemeOpenCities Map UltimateOpenCities Map AdvancedOpenCities Map PowerView    Version
Product RebrandingOpenCities Map EnterpriseOpenCities MapOpenCities Map PowerViewNames before OpenCities Map Update 7
Reality Data Processing (Raster, Scalable Terrain Model - STM, Point Cloud and Reality Meshes) - Full Descartes versionY--
3D Placement and Editing toolsY--
Animation creationY--
XFM 3D Smart EditingY--Update 3
Export to LumenRTY--Update 5
3D BufferY--Update 5
3D Split/MergeY--Update 5
Posting to Spatial Data Sources (Oracle, SQL Server, File Geodatabase, PostGIS)YY-
Posting to Spatial Data Sources (ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online)YY-Update 4
Exporting Geospatial Data (Shapefile, MIF, TAB, GML, FGDB)YY-
Export to MicroStation Elements, with or without Item Types (from Map Manager)YY-
Publishing to iModel (MicroStation)YY-
Geographic Coordinate System Management and editingYY-
Remap Tab from Save As dialogYY-
Linear Curves supportYY-
Buffers and Overlay AnalysisYY-
FME IntegrationYY-Update 3
Topology ToolsYY-
Design File CleanupYY-
2D Split / MergeYY-
DGN2DB to create spatial databases (Oracle and PostgreSQL/PostGIS)YY-Update 7
Update ConfigurationYY-Update 16
Update FeaturesYY-Update 16
Inference Rules (Technology Preview)YY-Update 16
Auto-promote (Technology Preview)YY-Update 16
Support for Bing Maps (no Microsoft license required)YYY
Display of Reality Meshes, Point Clouds, TexturesYYY
Querying from Spatial Data Sources (WFS, Oracle, SQL Server, FGDB, PostGIS, ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Online)YYY
Importing from Spatial Data Sources (WFS, Oracle, SQL Server, FGDB, PostGIS, ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Online)YYY
Importing Geospatial files (Shapefile, MIF, TAB, GML)YYY
Publishing to Map Mobile with the Map Mobile ConverterNLANLANLA
Data Browser (Attribute & Property tables)YYY
Data Capture and MaintenanceYYY
Join operationsYYY
Define Placement Method using existing key-ins (including 3rd-party apps)YYY
Map Management and Thematic MappingYYY
Print PreparationYY-