- OpenCities Map 2023

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been corrected and/or added to the OpenCities Map 2023.
Compare the reference number from your service request below to determine whether a given issue has been resolved in this release.
ReferenceSummary DescriptionKeyword(s) 
7521183D Buffer - Unexpected results with Polygon Collection with hole.3D
7521193D Buffer - Polygon Collection instances should stay in the same collection after process.3D
904286Improve performance with Explorer dialogXFM
983148MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS to disable workspace/workset creationMap Configuration
983294Fix shared cell for DWG Save as DGN Import - Export
1000544MapUltimate for Finland - Create Estate update the output fileSettings
1000545MapUltimate for Finland - Area Calculation Paper update the output fileSettings
1005363Oracle - Cannot edit versioned data in Optimistic modeDatabase
1014486GML - Import with missing .XSD results to an exception.Import - Export
1018687MapUltimate for Finland -Schema - New configuration variable needed for Xml folder locationXFM
1037357SDK - Warning message is inaccurate.API / SDK
1065300Fix unexpected Configuration update requestMap Configuration
1072839Consider Angle for XFM Symbology TextGSA
1085802DGN2DB fails to scan XFM features with MSLinksDGN2DB
1086538Cancel form not showing up during queryImport - Export
1106229GDI EXPORT key-in throws an exception.Import - Export
1108700ArcGIS Server polygon layer from ad hoc connectionDatabase
1110757Support of ArcGIS EnterpriseDatabase
1149663Fixed the Feature Report functionalityGSA
1198059Fence to File – Fix Fence Clip result with xfm sub-featuresXFM
1201935MapUltimate for Finland - Fix KTJImport key-insImport - Export
1214680MapUltimate for Finland - Placing contour text removes part of contourXFM
1216037Update Ribbon - Drawing and Modeling workflowsUser Interface
1222289Fix an incorrect handler for XFM feature elementXFM
1226136MapUltimate for Finland – added security optionsSecurity
1230360Fix for PostGIS spatial database connectionsDatabase

ReferenceSummary DescriptionKeyword(s) 
752271Fixed issue with Symbology Fill Type refreshing.GSA
752353Updated Dark theme display for Map tools.User Interface
964268Fixed issue with refreshing criteria list in Details section.GSA
1016544Missing lines when trying to print.Printing
1022431Fixed updating RGB-based colors in the Fill Type Details section.GSA
1048873Reject invalid hyphen or minus sign as property name.GSA
1258924Update the ribbon icons in the Help tab.User Interface
1287606Fixed Register Features wizard in Finnish. Internationalization

ReferenceSummary DescriptionKeyword(s) 
752100Updated the Grids and Graticules dialog box.User Interface
752911Fixed Fence Clip results in OpenCities Map.Manipulation
1166186Fixed posting SRID data to SQL Server.Database
1166972Fixed unlock option when PostGIS is a multi-connection database.Database
1210142Resolved issues by querying all from Esri ArcGIS Feature Service.ArcGIS
1301212MapUltimate for Finland - Area Calculation papers must include points on area segments.XFM
1305675Updated the GeoSpatial Administrator Register Features wizard. GSA
1375802MapUltimate for Finland - Ability to display the Z coordinate when placing text on a linear element.Text
1376089MapUltimate for Finland - Improve stability of Force Tangent on line placement.XFM