- OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Update 17.1

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been corrected and/or added to the OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Update 17, version, dated October 28th, 2022.  Review your Service Request and the Reference # below to see if it has been fixed in this release.
ReferenceSummary DescriptionKeyword(s) 
751333Added the capability for multiple spatial database connectionsInteroperability
752519Fixed an issue when using the Change Element Attributes commandGrids & Graticules
755769Geospatial Administrator connection to Oracle Spatial error with a specific workflowGSA
807340Fixed a PropViewer issue that resulted in a VBA Interface errorgeo_example
808254Import using the Schema Graphical SourceGSA
845550Inference Rules - Fixed an icon size issueInference Rules
862392Cannot copy and paste domain valueData Browser
869826The Collaborate tab must be available in the Map and Map Modeling workflowsRibbon
888209The Quick Element Info is not working in OpenCities Map, works in MicroStationPlatform
950126Export to GML fails when using a UNC named network folderImport/Export
959146The About MicroStation item in the Ribbon shows the OpenCities Map versionRibbon
961843Some feature properties are not shown when Danish Characters are usedElement Information
964212Feature Definition - Reduce pane size, delete feature, results to an exceptionFeature Definition
964804Polygons with holes get corrupted when using a specific workflowXFM
969250WFSX file compatibility issue "Error while reading ECSchema 'WFS_Schema..."WFS
975765Post of a line feature is failing with this specific datasetArcGIS
975775In the Map Connections dialog for a Registered Connection, the Token appears twiceArcGIS
982288Multi-connection features with the same name are not handled properly in the GSAGSA
982418Import listing all the features from the database should only list Registered FeaturesGSA
982419Exception: The requested File Geodatabase is already open and in useGSA
982584An ArcGIS v Map Update 16 results to an Exception in Map Update 17ArcGIS
989497Make Active for Edit (Reference) is not available in Map PowerViewReference
995749Creating a sequence in the GSA is failing with error "failed to create ID generator"Spatial
998569Store last value set to dgnFile not working anymore when re-loading the DGN fileXFM