- CONNECT Edition Update 6 ( August, 2020

ReferenceSummary DescriptionKeyword(s) 
818381Plot Scales label was set to English during Create New Workspace node, should have been ImperialGeospatial Administrator (GSA)
1080329Override Cell Symbology is not applied properly on point cellXFM
1088010Updated the OGR Library to the latest available versionInteroperability
1097046Remove the "Include in Command Manager menu" checkbox from the AutoPromote itemGSA
1097153Correct the loss of the element display during AutoPromote when a Map Definition is activeAutoPromote
1101204Corrected a crash in a user-developed workaround during model change eventsConfiguration Variables
1102737Override Cell Symbology setting is now honoredGSA
1102986Complex Line elements were not set at the expected symbologyAutoPromote