- V8i Update 4 (

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416320When running Bentley Map PowerView in markup mode, certain polygon features are not displaying in the reference file.Bentley Map PowerView
417594Fixed a crash occurring when Bentley Map is used with the Edit Feature command. The crashes are causing Licensing issues/over usage expenses that are not intentional.Feature Engine
417994Querying features from a Esri File Geodatabase (GDB) connection with a Where Clause results in an error.Interoperability
418805Fixed a date problem when the variable MS_DBOLEDBDATEFORMAT is definedFeature Engine
420102Fixed a problem occuring when importing some GML filesInteroperability
420170SaveAs with merge external attachments should retain XFM options selected when executed from Bentley MapFeature Engine
420393It is now possible to specify the relative display order of Thematic Classes of a map layerMap Manager
421027Customer requests that "Other Elements" layer be automatically added to newly created map definition when DFS is disabled.Map Manager
421028After using xfmFeature_createPolygonCollectionElement hole/solid status cannot be determined.Programming
421032Added ability to change geometry stroking tolerance at runtime.Programming
421065The layers definitions are now never deleted even if no instance of this layer is present in the DGNMap Manager
421077There was an error when using the option "Fixed Size Cell" and the cell had rotation.Map Manager
421084Request for xfmMapManager_addMapToActiveModel function to respect map definition MS_GEO_MAPDEFINITIONSEED_FILENAME and MS_GEO_MAPDEFINITIONSEED_MODELNAME configuration variables.Programming
421250An exception occurs during spatial data streaming when an external symbology handler is in use.Interoperability
432633Added new keyin to execute a saved query file: "MAP QUERY SEARCH FROMFILE "Search
435454Register Features in Esri File Geodatabase (GDB) that include Domain names with underbar character shows garbled text in Value fieldInteroperability
472097Selecting the text styles in the Labeling dialog does not load the corresponding Height and Width settings in the Formatting section.Labeling
473950Fixed memory leak when turning On and Off features.Map Manager
473980Scale is not appliedLabeling
473982When exporting labels as Annotation, the Scale is not applied on Fixed Size TextLabeling
474150While applying Labeling using a newly defined textstyle, the labels are always displayed in Italics, even though it is not set.Labeling
486684Published i-models from Bentley Map have schema error not allowing MicroStation CONNECT to query or search on feature properties.Interoperability