- V8i Update 5 (

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415002In Map Manager, if main root feature is toggled off, sub-features are still shown active.Map Manager
474703Installing Bentley Map breaks Reference > Settings > Adjust Reference Colors functionality.Installation
490462System Fault: bad memory access crash after changing Nesting level in Reference.References
540558Exception occurs when attempting to specify Where clause criteria for querying feature in map for some WFS servers.Interoperability
559543Unable to extract package of Bentley Map on Windows 10.Installation
567191Opening the Symbology dialog crashes Bentley Map Chinese Simplified version.Map Manager
586475Undo/Redo after Copy Element and Change Model causes element to be 'frozen' from additional commands.Edit Feature
586915Polygon collections containing arcs are displayed incorrectly after being queried from SQL Server spatial database.Interoperability