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413850In Oracle, post fails after splitting or copying a spatial feature with a registered id generator.Interoperability
415093When querying Oracle Spatial on level existing in associated dgnlib file, it adds feature on ghost level instead of existing one.Interoperability
415501Import or attach shapefile with accented character attributes values display badly.Interoperability
421390When posting to Oracle, features utilizing MSLINKs cannot have null values for the associated CLOB field.Interoperability
491998Show Spatial Extents functionality does not respect SRID transformations.Interoperability
492956Label placed with Element Orientation set to "Element Relative" should honor a polygon's angle orientation, not the view orientation.Labeling
561771Create texture tool enhancements for shared textures.Feature Engine
562112Shared texture support in Oracle Storage and Bentley Geospatial Administrator.Feature Engine
589823Unable to edit/paste an entire selection.Data Browser
615824Attempting "Save As..." to DWG format fails when Type 106 polygon collection elements exist.Interoperability
618981Export from XFM collection feature to Esri Shapefiles (*.shp) gives two incomplete SHP files.Interoperability
623812Request for a new API function to optionally create a connection with the toggle "Synch With Active Map" set to off.Programming
624390Splitting Polygon feature throws 'duplicate key' error on post.Interoperability
626226Graphical source connection is lost when GDI_KEEP_CONNECTION_OPEN_ON_FILE_CLOSE is defined and _USTN_REQUIREDAPPS configuration is used.Interoperability
628744Re-registering a SQL Server feature does not update its tolerance.Bentley Geospatial Administrator
634680Polygon Collection produces ghost features when reprojected from Reference model.Feature Engine
635826Posting ad hoc SQL Server features fails with 'SqlTransaction has completed' error.Interoperability
639119User lost Map Definition by detaching file.Map Manager
642563Make Active for Edit, Stop Editing turns on all Layers and prohibits them from being turned off.Map Manager
643181Merge Ref into Master turns on all Layers in Map Manager and prohibits them from being turned off.Map Manager
645727Use of LocateOp.ScanAtPoint fails when specific geographic coordinate systems exist in active/reference files.Programming