- Workspace location V8i compared to CONNECT Edition

Bentley Map V8i

When creating a new schema in the V8i version, the Project name is appended to the Project Parent Directory of the workspace root directory.  The workspace root directory is defined by %_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT%.   

Based on the following example, this folder location is created during the export process.

D:\ProgramData\Bentley\MapEnterprise V8i\Workspace\Projects\Examples\Geospatial\Bentleyville\

The user workspaces defined in the administrator will be located in this parent folder when the project has been exported.

Bentley Map CONNECT Edition

Due to changes in the configuration in Bentley Map CONNECT Edition, the following occurs.

- The term Workspace is replaced with Workspaces. 


- The V8i Project is now a CONNECT Edition Workspace.

- The V8i User Workspace is now a CONNECT Edition Workset

When exported, the Bentley Map project is exported as a Map CONNECT Edition workspace and, for this example,  will be found in the following location:

D:\ProgramData\Bentley\Map CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Bentleyville

The User Worksets defined in the administrator will be located in the Workset sub-folder of the Workspace.

Note:  The term Project is often used to describe the structure and definitions in a Bentley Map geospatial schema and does not necessarily refer to a workspace project. 

Note:  The concept of workspace projects was removed in CONNECT Edition.  Instead you now have Workspaces (was User in V8i),  and Worksets (was Project in V8i).  For more information on CONNECT Edition configuration, please refer to the following:  https://communities.bentley.com/other/old_site_member_blogs/bentley_employees/b/tim_hickmans_blog