- Open schema via desktop shortcut

As the Administrator for your OpenCities Map project, you may find it helpful to add a desktop icon that opens your project schema directly.  This is especially useful at the beginning of your project where you need access to the schema frequently for editing.  Or, perhaps you're a consultant and have a seed project xml file that you use as the foundation for each Bentley Map project. 

The following command line will open the specified schema:

GeospatialAdmin.exe" -l="Full Path and File Name.xml"

Note that the argument is a lower case L followed by an equal sign followed by a complete path and file specification.

This command can be used to create a desktop icon by editing the Target field.  For example, I create several new projects per week and use a "seed project" to eliminate repetitive editing for each project.  In my case, the icon target field reads:   "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MapEnterprise V8i\MapEnterprise\bin\GeospatialAdmin.exe" -l="D:\Map Source Files\Seed_Project.xml"

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