- Store Last Value to define property fields for new feature placement

When defining feature properties, some thought should be given to how the last used value should be stored.  This can be defined by selecting the appropriate option from the Store Last Value option.  The Synch Preference for the appropriate editing key must be checked for this setting to take effect.

None - The last value entered is not stored.  

Client - The last value used is stored in an XML file on your computer and will be used for the remainder of the current design session as well as all future sessions.  The file is specified by configuration variable MS_GEOXFM_CLIENT_PREFS_FILE and is set to $(MS_GEOXFM_XML_DIR)$(MS_GEOWSNAME)_prefs.xml by default.  Deleting this file, will remove the last stored value from properties that are set to Client.

dgnFile - The last value used is stored in the DGN file and will be used the next time the file is accessed.

Session - The last value entered is stored for use in the current session of OpenCities Map.  Restarting OpenCities Map will return the value of the property to its initial value as defined in the GSA.