- Bing Maps

OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition can attach Bing Maps as a raster reference or as a background image via the View Attributes dialog.  To do this, the model must have a geographic coordinate system attached.  Without a GCS present the option will be disabled.    

Select the View Attributes option, scroll-down to the Background Map tab, and select one of the options from the drop-down list.

Versions including and subsequent to MicroStation Update 7 and OpenCities Map Update 7 no longer require a Bing Maps key from Microsoft. 

In light of the superior performance and ease of use of the Background Map functionality, it is no longer recommended to use the Raster Manager | Bing Maps option.

To use Bing Maps in Bentley Map V8i, you needed a key from https://www.bingmapsportal.com/ to your application.

Once you've received your unique key, define the variable MS_RASTER_BINGMAP_KEY = Your_Bing_Map_Key.

You can then use Raster Manager to attach the Bing Map to the design.