- Creating a report in CONNECT Edition

MicroStation CONNECT Edition has a reporting tool that enables you to extract and present data from a DGN file in tabular format via report definitions. A report can be placed as a table as well as exported to Excel workbook or .csv files.  Please refer to MicroStation's documentation to get started on reporting:


The reporting tool in OpenCities Map provides an option to select which feature(s) to report on from the Map Features Schema item type:

The Condition Editor will provide options to narrow the search based on property values.  Note that when a file is opened using an OpenCities Map schema (ie:  workset exported from the Geospatial Administrator), the available operator types are determined by the property data types.  These datatypes are defined in the property definition in the OpenCities Map Schema. Therefore "Integer" datatypes will provide options including <, <=, =>, > and so forth.

On the other hand, if the file is opened without a workset, all datatypes will be set to String which limits the reporting capabilities.

When the report definition is complete, it can be reviewed, placed as a table in the DGN, or be exported to Excel:

To get started with MicroStation reports, take a look at the video in this article:

Introduction to MicroStation CONNECT Edition reports