- Drop XFM features to MicroStation elements, with Item Types

The following discusses how to drop, or convert OpenCities Map XFM features to plain MicroStation elements for use with MicroStation or other applications. 

1.  Save the file to a new DGN.  Use File > Save As > Options > XFM > XFM Options > Remove OpenCities Map Specific Data.  Selecting this option will remove the Map related XFM data from the file. 


Note:  These XFM Options are also available when using the Batch Converter. 


2. Export features from the Map Manager.  The right click menu provides an option to Export to MicroStation Elements for the selected layers.  Use the Item Types check-box to retain the XFM Attributes as MicroStation CONNECT Edition properties - Item Types.


3. Drop Element.  -   MicroStation's Drop Element tool can be used if the Application Elements option is enabled. 




If using Bentley Map V8i, and the XFM data is older than SELECTseries 3 (08.11.07.xx), then update it to SELECTseries 4 (08.11.09.xx) first.   To do that, save the file using the Convert from 08.11.07.xx to 08.11.09.xx option then proceed as noted above.