- Round off automatically generated geometry values


OpenCities Map automatically creates geometric properties for recognized features. These properties are read-only and are described as Geometry_Perimeter, Geometry_Area, and Geometry_Length.  


Queried spatial features are also assigned geometric properties which are described as Database_Perimeter, Database_Area and Database_Length.  These values are calculated by the database.

Rounding - Labeling

Geometric properties can be used labeling where they can be rounded using the XFM Evaluator Expression XFM.Round.  For example, the following will round Geometry_Area to two decimal places:  [XFM.Round([Geometry_Area],2).   

XFM.Round can also be used to round off database geometric properties. 

Rounding - Analyze Result dialog

The decimal places shown in the Analyze Result for Geometry_Length and Geometry_Permimeter is driven by the accuracy of the working units of the design file.

The display of the decimal places for Geometery_Area, Database_Length, Database_Perimeter and Database_Area are not affected by this setting. 

Rounding - Data Browser

The decimal places shown in the Data Browser can not be changed.  This is true for both Geometry and Database properties.


Please refer to the following link for additional information on geometric properties calculated by OpenCities Map: