- VBA Programming Resources

The following resources can be used to help with VBA programming in OpenCities Map:

Standard Operation Library

xfmStdOpsLib.mvba  is the Standard Operation Library delivered with Bentley Map V8i as well as OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition.  This is a library of pre-defined methods used to manipulate XFM features.  Look for this file in the following installation folders:

CONNECT Edition:  ...\Program Files\Bentley\Map CONNECT Edition\OpenCitiesMap\vba\

V8i:  ..\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MapEnterprise V8i\MapEnterprise\vba\


- Example.mvba is designed to be used with the geo_example designer and geo_example_dialogs which is delivered and installed.  Look for the following in the workspace(s) folders:

CONNECT Edition: