- Activate Bentley Map V8i from Civil Engineering software products

This article applies to Bentley Map V8i only.

The ability to incorporate Bentley Map’s mapping & GIS functionality with the Bentley Civil Engineering software products was introduced early in the V8i (SELECTseries) of MicroStation software. The Bentley civil products that include Bentley Map are:

- InRoads

- InRoads Suite

- Rail Track

- Rail Track Suite

- Power InRoads

- Power Civil for [Country] (not including Power Civil for North America)

- Power Rail Track


- GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite

- Power GEOPAK

No additional license is required to use the Bentley Map product when it is installed by a Civil Engineering software product. The Civil applications install Bentley Map during the Setup phase, and set an environment variable that tells the civil product to activate all of Bentley Map’s capabilities and tools. If you have a separate license of Bentley Map, you can install it independently from the civil products, but you must ensure that the installation folder and MicroStation product are unique – otherwise the Windows Registry may have conflicts with the two versions of Map. This is not recommended, and it is best to simply rely on the bundled version of Map that the civil product installs.

However, there are cases when Bentley Map License usage can be charged to your account. 

  1. If you use the msgeo user workspace in the File Open dialog.
  2. If you use the Geospatial Administrator (GSA) to open a workspace.
  3. If you run an icon created by the Geospatial Administrator.

If you don't have a license for Bentley Map and don't want to be charged for one, then the recommendation is to:

  1. Use a Civil Engineering workspace or,
  2. Use the Untitled user workspace provided by MicroStation.

Bentley Map is not automatically activated when a civil workspace is opened.  To manually activate Map, use the menu item provided by the civil product. The location of the Activate Map menu item varies depending on which civil product you have installed.  The following screenshots illustrate which menu the Activate Map item is located in, for each civil product:

For InRoads, InRoads Suite, Rail Track, Rail Track Suite, & MXROAD, the Activate Map item is located in the Applications menu

For GEOPAK, GEOPAK Engineering Suite, PowerGEOPAK and other GEOPAK applications, the Activate Map itme is located the GEOPAK menu


For Power InRoads and PowerCivil for 'Country', the Activate Map item is located in the Tools menu