Unable to post Oracle Spatial data received error ORA-13011 Value Out of Range


If you are unable to post Oracle Spatial data features and received error as :

Error Inserting Feature (class: spatial_table_name, id: 2020)

Invalid geometry for table spatial_table_name, column GEOMETRY.

Oracle details: A specified dimension value is outside the range defined for that dimension.  Make sure that all values to be encoded are within the defined dimension range.  This error is often caused by a mismatch between the bounds stored in ALL_SDO_GEOM_METADATA and the geometry to be posted.

ORA-13011: value is out of range

Irreparably invalid geometry.

This error can occur because feature has been created out of the boundary of spatial extent.


Use Spatial Extent of a SDO geometry table to create features inside the boundary.

  1. Connect to Oracle Database.
  2. Right click on layers and Select Show Spatial Extent option. Choose ok.