- Top 10 reasons to move to OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition

1. Scalability -  Manage larger models and datasets than any previous version.

2. Performance - Display reality meshes much faster with a redesigned display engine.

3. PostGIS - Access PostGIS as your main feature repository for a spatial extension to PostgreSQL.

4. Overlay Geospatial Assets on Bing Maps - Align models with aerial backgrounds to convey real-world conditions by adding specific control points.

5. User Interface - Work faster using a redesigned interface of functionalities groups into workflows and a powerful new search bar.

6. Reality Mesh Improvements - Add semantic information to reality meshes of any size and scale with the new classification tool.

7. Reality Data Processing Tools (Map Enterprise Only) - Integrate reality modeling data such as reality meshes, point clouds, terrain models and more for information modeling workflows.

8. iModel Improvements - Generate an iModel and publish it directly to ProjectWise Share to stream across project teams and applications.

9. Improve Data Sharing Across Distributed Teams - Improve data sharing across desktop, mobile, server and cloud using CONNECT Center on the Bentley Cloud Services site.

10. Update to CONNECT Edition to Realize New Savings - Save time and money when you update and take advantage of new CONNECT Edition applications.