- Export thematic symbology to MicroStation

The following describes how to export thematic map symbology to MicroStation.  This is required at times to create MicroStation elements without XFM Attributes for use in MicroStation and other software that does not support XFM Attributes.  The attributes can be retained, however, as MicroStation properties called Item Types.

From the Map Manager, right-click on the Feature Layer and choose Symbology from the menu.

Set up your User Defined symbology as needed to meet your mapping and display requirements.  In the graphic below, the lot feature is symbolized with colors based on their property values.

This 'Thematic Map' is retain in the Map Model.  To export to MicroStation, right-click on the Layer again in the Map Manager choose Export from menu.

You can export into the current file, an existing file or as a new file.

Likewise, you can select a new model or existing model of the designated file.

To retain the XFM Attributes as MicroStation properties, check the box titled Create Item Types.

The resulting file will contain MicroStation elements and can be shared with those users who don't need the functionality included with the mapping software.  Note that each element class will be on its own level.