- MicroStation and Google Earth integration

Do you find that the MicroStation Google Earth Tools (Sync, Follow...) don't work as expected?  Verify your Google Earth or Google Earth Pro version. If it's you will need to either downgrade your Google Earth version, or upgrade MicroStation (or the Map edition built on the MicroStation PowerPlatform).  

Google introduced some changes in their application in the and later versions that compromise the MicroStation functionality which use the Google Earth Tools.  The fix is to either downgrade Google Earth to a compatible version, or upgrade to a version of MicroStation that Bentley has fixed for this issue.

And to compound matters, beginning in Q2 2016 Google has modified their download website, removing access to earlier versions of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. For available legacy version of Google Earth please refer to Google Earth's Direct Installers page:


Please submit a Support Service Request to ask for a version of Google Earth that will work with the version of MicroStation which you are using.  Then, follow these steps:

Reinitialize Bentley Map or MicroStation and test the Synchronize or Follow Google Earth tools to verify that they are working properly.

Some CONNECT Editions require the 32-bit edition of Google Earth.  If your files are not synchronizing and you are using a 64-bit version of Google Earth, remove it and install the 32-bit version to see if that resolves the issue.