- Symbology Integrator (EXE)




This tool will perform the following functions:

1. Take an XML data schema exported from Esri and create a Bentley Map XML schema

2. Take any Bentley Map XML schema and apply an A/E/C CAD Symbology spreadsheet.


And,  symbology can be applied to any Bentley Map XML schema.



The Bentley Symbology Integrator was originally designed to load the SDSFIE ESRI Geodatabase XML downloaded from http://www.sdsfieonline.org/ and create a Bentley Map XML schema. The tool will also take the Bentley Map schema file and apply a mapping spreadsheet with A/E/C CAD Symbology to the Bentley Map Schema (see included sample: BentleyMap-SDSFIE-AEC - Symbology Mapping.xlsx). This results in a fully complaint SDSFIE (data) and A/E/C Cad (symbology) Bentley Map environment which allows the user to work in an unified engineering / geospatial environment and optimize the data sharing process between civil/engineering design and the owner/operator community.



User Interface

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